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What is WOZALI?

Wozali, is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to sell brand new and used items in neighborhood. We have a wide array of products, ranging from different categories. Starting from real estate, cars, electronics, phones, tablets, computers, appliances, clothes, shoes, and more...On our marketplace we give clients the opportunity where they can buy, sell,or rent everything they want or have on our widely global platform.Whether is a brand-new item or used, we have a spot for it. So, start posting today, by just creating a free account, and upload the picture of the product you want to sell.

How can I use WOZALI?

You can buy, sell, or rent items with WOZALI. After you've registered, simply upload the pictures of your products. Put your information such as: your email address or mobile number,the location you’re posting the product from? the amount you'd like to sell your product for and hit confirm. When you finish, you can add reviews, rate your customers, to help each other grow.To buy products, just send an offer to the seller by simply click on “ Chat/Make an offer”, if you don’t have an account the system may ask you to create an account. Don’t forget to tell someone about WOZALI. Happy shopping!!!

What about if I forgot your password?

Submit a password request here. Once on the sign-in page, please select the Forgot Password link, and follow instructions. If you have not received a password recovery email from us within 5 to 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. Having trouble to Login: Wrong Email or Password To get logged in, visit www.wozali.com and click the LOGIN button in the top right of your screen. Please verify that you are entering your full email address and password. Passwords must be between 6 and 15 characters and may include any combination of numbers, letters, and select special characters (@%/''!$^?:,(){}[]~-_). Keep in mind that if these fields are pre-filled by your browser, they may have been saved incorrectly. If you get an error message, please clear both of these fields and retype your login information.


To sell on Wozali it’s easy, just follow the steps below.

Post your item

1. To post a product, just take a picture straight from your phone, and upload it to your account.

2. If you want to sell your product faster, and you want more visitors to see it, you need to consider promoting it. Contact us to find out about the promotion packages and membership.

Selling your item

Once your item is posted on WOZALI, this is what going to happen.

1. You'll get questions or offers from interested buyers as messages right in the application by using chat now option, email, or buyers can also call if the seller leaves a phone number.

2. Reply to these messages to answer any questions, then agree on a price with a buyer.

3. After negotiation you will have to meet with your buyer or have him ship the product to you.

> Always find a safe meeting location and agree on a time to meet.

> Make sure you check your item before you take it, and don’t forget to ask for documentation to avoid fraud.

> After checking the item, if you like it, pay and check every corner and go. If you don’t like it, be nice to the person, and go back on www.wozali.com to find more items.

4. Once you sell your products, you can either hide the item or mark it as sold.

5. You can rate and review your seller to improve the community. Both buyer and seller can rate and review each other. After a few days item will be disappeared.

What is unsolicited contact?

Unsolicited contact is when a buyer or a seller find information on the platform and uses it to contact another buyer and or a seller for their own purposes outside of Wozali’s platform. This contact can be to solicit circumvention or for another reason. Recipients of unsolicited contact have not requested or invited this contact from other users and must report it directly to Wozali’s Trust and Safety management team.

How can I report if someone has contacted me outside of Wozali?

You can report any unsolicited off-platform contact by reaching out to Wozali contact page, and send your report. Explain exactly and accurately what happen, and then we will contact you between 24 to 48 hours, if it’s an emergency, please call 911.

Can I share my name or my company’s name?

Yes, you can share your name and or company names. However, we urge you to be prudent with whom you share identifying information to prevent unwanted spam, fraud, or harassment.

I am selling a product or item and want to share the link with a potential buyer, is that allowed?

Yes, If you’re selling any type of product (cars, laptops, phones, house, clothes etc.) for a seller and want to share the link with a potential buyer as part of your portfolio, you also may do so yet you must know that Wozali is not responsible, for any third party seller or buyer. Whatever happen outside of Wozali, stays outside. In these cases, please be sure to ask the seller or buyer to only contact you through your phone number until the deal is started. Please note that sharing social media handles/IDs is strongly prohibited.

I am a business owner who needs sell on my website and I want to share the link. Is that allowed?

Yes. You are free to share details of the products you want to sell including links to your website(s). You may do this even if the website includes your contact information; in these cases, please be sure to ask the buyer to only contact you through your personal phone number or your business number until the deal is started otherwise you’ll be in violation Wozali’s user agreement and Terms of Service. Please note that sharing social media handles/IDs is strongly prohibited.

I need to share a portfolio on Wozali. Can I do that?

Absolutely Yes! We know sharing your past work is important, that’s the best way for potential employer to see you. Remember your portfolio is your way of advertising your skills and your services. So always put your best work in your portfolio reflecting your professionalism and experiences.