Trust and safety


Wozali’s Terms of Use request that you accurately represent yourself.
Your profile picture must be current and looks like you, no filters allowed.

What is a profile picture?

Your profile picture is the image of yourself that you share with potential clients, customers, and consumers through your Wozali’s account.
This picture is used to authenticate your identity. Your profile picture may not misrepresent your identity or represent you as someone else.

Approved profile pictures

Your profile picture should precisely reflect who you are, and it must look like you. It must be a close-up image of yourself with a focus on your head and shoulders, and clearly show your full face.

Pro Tips

Typically People want to feel they can trust a seller before they can buy from him or her; whatever the product or items you’re selling, your profile photo is a significant part of the equation.
Clients are also concerned about professionalism, so it is important to present yourself as an entrepreneur.
Your photo should have clear lighting and a simple background, and focus on your face; Remember to smile and be friendly!


Wozali’s Terms of Use prohibit the use of a profile picture that misrepresents your identity or represents you as someone else. Also, you cannot misrepresent your information, impersonate another person or entity, or falsely imply a relationship with Wozali or with another company with whom you do not have a relationship.

Picture Quality

In order to ensure a quality experience with buyers, your profile picture cannot:

Picture Subject

Your profile picture must look like you.
It cannot be:

A profile picture that does not accurately represent you and or authenticate your identity in accordance with this policy is a violation of the Terms of Service and can result in warnings, account suspension and or termination. Users who violate the Terms of Service, and or this policy, can fully lose the ability to use the Wozali community. 


What is circumvention?

Circumvention would be when a seller and a buyer meet on Wozali’s platform but decide to conduct their relationship outside of Wozali, usually by harassing, through another means outside of the platform and or exchanging contact information in any form. Circumvention is a serious violation of the Terms of Service. If buyers and sellers and or both simultaneously has taken any step in order to take their relationship off our platform, he/she or they are committing circumvention, i.e. like asking to be paid or make a payment outside of our service.


Violating the non-circumvention clause of the Terms of Service will result in account suspension and or termination; These users will lose the ability to use Wozali, potentially put their hard-earned reputation at risk, and will be charged a penalty of a $1,000 for breaching Wozali User agreement and Terms of Service that relationship.

Is asking to be paid outside of Wozali a violation?

No, asking to carry out payments outside of Wozali is not circumvention and not a violation of the User Agreement and Terms of Service.

When does a buyer/seller relationship initially starts on Wozali?

Wozali relationship begins when the buyer and seller first “identify” each other on Wozali. This could be when a buyer sends an offer to a specific posted item or product to a potential seller or when a seller post an item or is soliciting for a said project, and or a when buyer select a seller from viewing the seller’s portfolio.

Note: Wozali’s User Agreement and Terms of Service prohibit the requesting or sharing of a means of direct contact (aka “contact information”) before a contract starts.

What is a “Means of Direct Contact”?

A means of direct contact is a little wider than just contact information because it includes information that enable a seller or buyer to be contacted outside of Wozali after a deal is done which is prohibited.
Here are some examples:

It is a violation of Wozali’s Terms of Service to request or share this kind of information after a deal is done. For example, you should not share this information with anyone, or after the deal is done. Waiting to share this information until you verify the person’s profile, can also help keep you safe.


Can I share my name or my company’s name?

Yes, you can share your name and or company names. However, we urge you to be prudent with whom you share identifying information to prevent unwanted spam, fraud, or harassment.

I am selling a product or item and want to share the link with a potential buyer, is that allowed?

Yes, If you’re selling any type of product (cars, laptops, phones, house, clothes etc.) for a seller and want to share the link with a potential buyer as part of your portfolio, you also may do so yet you must know that Wozali is not responsible, for any third party seller or buyer. Whatever happen outside of Wozali, stays outside. In these cases, please be sure to ask the seller or buyer to only contact you through your phone number until the deal is started. Please note that sharing social media handles/IDs is strongly prohibited.

I am a business owner who needs sell on my website and I want to share the link. Is that allowed?

Yes. You are free to share details of the products you want to sell including links to your website(s). You may do this even if the website includes your contact information; in these cases, please be sure to ask the buyer to only contact you through your personal phone number or your business number until the deal is started otherwise you’ll be in violation Wozali’s user agreement and Terms of Service. Please note that sharing social media handles/IDs is strongly prohibited.

I need to share a portfolio on Wozali. Can I do that?

Absolutely Yes! We know sharing your past work is important, that’s the best way fpr potential employer to see you. Remember your portfolio is your way of advertising your skills and your services. So always put your best work in your portfolio reflecting your professionalism and experiences.

What are permitted examples of the for “legal purposes” exception?

Sometimes after the initial vetting process, a legal or formal process is necessary before final project scoping, negotiations, and/or a contract can start. Some examples include, but are not limited to:


What are permitted examples of the for “systems access” exception?

Companies maintain information in various formats and systems that could be needed for project scoping and at times access to these systems are granted by using an email address. Some examples include, but are not limited to:


Common violations and ways to avoid them

  1. Identity Ambiguity and Account Sharing: Be truthful! by providing your correct and authentic information and use a clear-cut photo of yourself.

  2. Do not allow anyone else to use your account, in other words no account sharing, and do not ever log into one of your clients' accounts on their behalf. Instead, have them add you to their team with the appropriate permissions. Promptly respond to all requests to phone verify or ID verify by Wozali.

  3. Always collect payment while you’re negotiating; If a client offers to pay you after taking the product, it is your responsibility to decline and you must inform us, if Not, you will be in breach of Wozali User agreement and Terms of Service. 

  4. Failing to give the product as discussed: When you say, you have a product or item, you vow to provide a good quality service/ or item. In addition, you must precisely and truthfully describe your product, your skills and qualifications, and the services you offer. Misrepresenting your abilities or failing to provide the product, can result in low client satisfaction and payment disputes.

  5. Contact Information Sharing: Keep contact with potential clients only Wozali. Your profile can contain your phone, email, or other direct contact information, for example Skype IDs etc...

  6. Spam and Harassment: Treat everyone with respect and professional courtesy in all types of communications; Customize your applications to the needs of each buyer and seller. 

  7. Feedback Abuse: Great feedback is earned, not forced! Do not pressure buyers to give you good feedback, and do not withhold your product or item until feedback is left. It is OK to let buyer know that you strive to provide high-quality product or services to earn a good rating and or to ask for feedback to be left.

  8. Account holds and suspension for any of these reasons will be counted on your Stats and disqualify you from Top Rated status. We strongly suggest you review the full Wozali User Agreement And Terms of Service.

  9. At Wozali, we aim to create a safe and reliable place for buyers, and sellers to get more accomplished. Our network stretches globally with products and items offered on our Platform ranging from, from cars, houses, electronics, farming, etc… and more.